Monday, 13 June 2016

Dr. Gregory Brammer - Tips For Novice Hikers

When he is not busy in his work as a Physician Medical Legal Consultant, Keynote Speaker and I-STAT Expert at BrammerMD, Dr. Gregory Brammer enjoys spending his spare time hiking and mountaineering. He finds that the hobby gets him a little closer to nature and helps him to de-stress after particularly difficult days. If you are new to hiking, try to keep all of these pointers in mind to ensure you get the most out of the activity.
                                              Dr Gregory Brammer

Get Good Boots

Comfort and durability are both traits that you should be looking for in your hiking boots and it is rare to find either in cheaper pairs. Do a little bit of research and invest in a good pair of boots. Your feet will thank you for it later when you start taking on more challenging terrain. You should also make sure you wear the boots in before you go walking.

Start Small

While it may be tempting to take on the most challenging trails in your local area straight away, doing so without experience presents a range of hazards that you would be wise to avoid. Start small with some simple trails so that you can develop the hiking experience you need to tackle harder routes.

Stay Hydrated
Dr. Gregory Brammer enjoys taking long hikes, but this means that he needs to ensure his body doesn’t succumb to dehydration or fatigue. Make sure that you take adequate supplies with you so that you always have water when you need it and can refuel your body to stave off the effects of fatigue.