Thursday, 25 August 2016

Dr. Gregory Brammer - The Biggest Mistake Public Speakers Make

As one of the foremost experts of his field, Dr. Gregory Brammer often finds himself in situations where he has to speak in front of large audiences. Whether it is a meeting where he acts as keynote speaker or he is required to make a long speech at a conference, he tries to remain as calm as possible. Being prepared takes some of that immense pressure off.

Dr Gregory Brammer When people see someone looking comfortable in front of the microphone, they often assume that the person in question is not nervous. In reality almost everyone feels the pressure in similar situations. Some people can handle these emotions much better, partly because of the different preparation process.

Memorizing Content Doesn’t always Work

Many people make the mistake of memorizing content, which is not necessarily the best method. When trying to give a perfect speech, one can rarely do it by citing a material word-for-word. Unless someone has vast experience as a speaker or is an actor or actress, body language and even tone will likely come off as theatrical when reciting a memorized speech. Try to memorize concepts instead, and that way the brain will organically build the appropriate speech for it. When that happens, the speech will feel more like a conversation, instead of being a pre-learned homework, and the speaker will be able to convey it in a much more natural way.

As someone who has given several dozen of speeches in front of his esteemed colleagues, Dr. Gregory Brammer has developed a surefire system built on concept memorization.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Dr. Gregory Brammer - Reasons To Study Electrical Engineering

As an outstanding senior in electrical engineering who earned his degree at the Washington State University, Dr. Gregory Brammer has a highly positive opinion about the field and the education that leads there. While he ultimately chose a medical career, his understanding of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism has proven to be an extremely valuable ally that allowed him to understand the engineering aspect of medicine. This combination has made him one of the most unique and diverse medical professionals in the Greater Seattle Area, if not the entire United States of America. 

                                             Dr Gregory Brammer

Finding a Job with That Degree is Relatively Easy 

When earning a degree in electrical engineering, the probability of finding a job shortly after graduation is significantly higher. Electrical engineers are highly coveted professionals who usually have no problem finding a lucrative job fresh out of university. 

You Can Travel

Electrical engineers have many opportunities to work in different countries, as their expertise is always highly coveted in basically every region around the world. If the expertise is there, employers are willing to hire foreign professionals. 

Advanced Computer Skills 

Electrical engineers need to possess a diverse and deep knowledge on computers, allowing them to showcase a highly varied set of skills. This skill set leads to having extended scope of duties and even more lucrative contracts. 

You Can Do Everything by Yourself 

One of the best aspects of being a top-notch electrical engineer is the “do it yourself” aspect. To an electrical engineer, one of the positive side effects of living in such an electronics-centered world is knowing how things work. As Dr. Gregory Brammer experienced it, when someone possess that kind of knowledge, the “do it yourself” mentality becomes a part of him or her. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Dr. Gregory Brammer - The Making of a Great Keynote Speaker

Dr. Gregory Brammer often attends seminars where they rely on his ability to set the tone as a keynote speaker. As someone who has given several dozens of keynote speeches and listened to even more from other colleagues, he has noticed a couple of common elements and qualities in those who generally performed well.

Dr Gregory Brammer They Awoke Curiosity

One of the most important aspects of a good keynote speech is being able to spark the interest, and hopefully the curiosity of the audience. A good speaker can achieve that with a short speech, given that they know their listeners.

Confidence and Credibility

Just like any type of speech, it is very important to have confidence. A good keynote speaker possesses that poise, or at the very least is comfortable enough to deliver. Credibility is also crucial. People are generally more willing to listen to somebody who they know and respect, especially in the medical community.
The Speech is a Vehicle

A good keynote speaker also understands that the convention or meeting is not about them. They are not the main attraction, but rather the middleman who fully understands that the meat and potato comes after they have finished their speech. At the same time, they must be able to sell the main act, even if it is an otherwise legitimately interesting subject on its own merits.

With many keynote speeches under his belt, Dr. Gregory Brammer has the art of keynote speaking down to a science, and he hopes that he will have the honor of delivering many more in the remainder of his career.