Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Dr. Gregory Brammer - Tips For Training Medical Professionals

During the course of a nineteen-year career as an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Gregory Brammer has been responsible for training emergency personnel, including paramedics, on a number of occasions. Providing training in the use of new devices and methods of care is crucial to the continued development of the medical field, so keep all of the following in mind to ensure that the training you provide is as comprehensive and effective as possible.

Treat Your Peers With Respect
Always remember that the people you are providing training to are already highly-trained and will have undergone extensive education in order to provide the care that they offer to patients. Treat this with the respect that it deserves so that you don’t run the risk of alienating the people who are going to be making use of the new system.

Dr Gregory Brammer

Understand The System
Regardless of the system, device or technique that you will be training others to use, it is crucial that you understand the ins and outs so that the training you provide is both accurate and comprehensive. You need to be an authority on the subject to ensure that everybody you train becomes able to make use of the new system properly.

Use Assessments
Dr. Gregory Brammer understands that good staff training makes use of assessments to ensure that the information delivered has been absorbed. Build such assessments into your training programs and use the results to determine whether further education is needed and how you can improve your current training methods.